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To all members,


If you did not make it to Grand Lodge, you missed a great show!

Opening night was something else, the flag ceremony, bands and all kinds of food, etc. The main thing was what the officers and members learned from all the different speakers about Elkdom from their beginnings to what we are doing today. It was phenomenal!

As with all trips, there are always the fun stories! There were 17 members who flew out of the Medford Airport, all from the Southwest District. As we waited for the plane so we could board, we were having a good old time. When we finally boarded, the fun really got started. The Captain comes on and says, “This is the Captain speaking. We are going to be late as there is no place to park the plane in Seattle, Washington.” OK, it can happen. So, time passes, and we sit there and then the Captain comes on again, “We will be delayed about 30 more minutes because a bird hit the plane.” Now they need to have someone check the DNA of the bird. With that done, off we go to Seattle, late, but better late than never. We run like “you know what” through the airport to catch the next plane. This was the plane we were to take anyway. It was held up so now we are all late. What else can happen? They run out of food and most importantly, they are out of drinks. We phone ahead to keep the hospitality room in San Antonio open, so you say to yourself, “What can happen now?” Would you believe no luggage? We asked when will we get it? They didn’t have a good answer other than it will go to the hotel sometime Sunday, which is a very important day, Opening Session. That means dress uniform and all I have is what I am wearing. So, I borrowed a jacket which was too small, a tie that was too long, bought a shirt which was not my size, it worked, but I had to wear my jeans. Good thing it was dark, but I would not miss carrying our state flag. Hoping for clothes for Monday’s breakfast, I lucked out. They were delivered in the middle of the night. I got my clothes and the rest is history.


Herm Blum, OSEA President